Artist Statement

There is an intuitive literacy which allows one person to communicate to another person through a work of art. And in the best works of art, the artist captures a moment in time which communicates a mood, a mood so familiar, that it resonates at the emotional level through those similar moments which are unique to each of our lives.

I believe a painting or drawing is best when the communication transcends time and place; both in settings when the artist and viewer are not together in the same room, or not even in the same lifespan. It is therefore important for a work of art to communicate the purest sense of mood before I want to share it with another person. To reach this mood, I search until my enthusiasm peaks and only then will I create a drawing or painting from what exists before me, or from what I have witnessed of animals and nature, and my imagination. Then, when the work of art is finished, I can not wait to share the experience.

Scott Patrick